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Orange-bellied parrot


The orange-bellied parrot is one of Australia’s most endangered species. This small, broad-tailed parrot is endemic (defined to a geographic location) to southern Australia and is one of only two species of parrot known to migrate. While all orange-bellied parrots have a blue frontal band and blue outer wing feathers, the male is distinguished by bright green upperparts, yellow underparts and an orange belly patch. The female is not as bright, and therefore is duller in color.

Orange-bellied parrots are being bred in a captive breeding program with other parrots in Tasmania, Melbourne Zoo, Priam Parrot Breeding Centre, and in other zoos and sanctuaries in surrounding areas in Tasmania and Australia. The orange-bellied parrot is listed as critically endangered because there are only 36 wild birds known to be alive after the 2011/2012 breeding season. In 2010/2011, 21 wild birds were captured as “insurance” against this species’ extinction. In captive breeding programs across Australia, there are 208 orange-bellied parrots. It is expected that this species will become extinct in the wild within the next five years.